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28 February 2020

Right Use of Vote Leads to a Better Future

Sultan Karim
The writer is a graduate of Health Services Academy Islambad. He has also studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) from AKU.

Game theory’s strategies are going to be witnessed once again soon in GB as GB’s legislative assembly elections are going to be held in the upcoming months. Most of the candidates are the same and Pareto optimal strategy as usual is corruption and open bidding of voters. This time one more player is in the game; i.e. PTI being an emerging party in GB. But with the introduction of national health insurance scheme in 20 districts of the country including two districts of GB, PML-N has been successful in pulling crowd of the region toward itself.

 Now it’s on PMLN that who is going to compete against it and whom they choose. I have come across many people with much of the propaganda and trying to spread news related to the ticket holders of the different parties in GB, but it would be the party, which at the end has to decide whom they are going to give tickets. I think every party will choose to play the dominant strategy to beat others and form its party government in GB.

 Recently, I came across a young excited aspiring candidate from Hunza Gojal who is also going to contest in the upcoming elections from PTI’s forum and if PTI gives him the ticket, he is going to compete against the seasoned politicians of the region which will depend on his election campaign in the region. Also, it will depend on the response of the people of Hunza to the voice of this young guy.  

    If we look at our history, it is obvious that the party wins which has gotten government in the federal and this time it is PMLN. So this time let’s see what else changes from the history as PTI supporters think that they are going to clean sweep from the region. If I compare them with the seasoned politicians of PML-N and PPP, they are new to the scene or either they have changed their parties as they were not much influential in their previous parties.

    Let’s discuss here the vision of the politicians of the regions. None has got any clear vision regarding the region’s development except some.  I have been discussing this with many politicians and every single one is after making a medical college in GB or increasing the number of doctors in the region. No single politician knows what exactly the problem is. No single politician knows about out of pocket spending in GB on health and no single politician knows about the burden of the communicable diseases in the region. Moreover, no one is aware of maternal deaths, neonatal deaths and infant mortality. Also, no one has idea about chronic diseases burden in the region. Same goes with education and poverty alleviation strategies, macroeconomic policy, and creating employment opportunities. Certainly if we see the ratio of brain drain in the region, the results speak for the depth of the problem themselves.

So here I am making a point that the politicians who are after making bridges, try to influence the people of the region, may not win easily. GB and especially Hunza does not require bridges roads at the moment rather it requires basic health facilities and education facilities in the region.

 AKDN is working wonderfully in the region and politician should take steps for public private partnerships with AKDN to strengthen the health and education system of the region along with social development as AKRSP is doing it. I bet not a single politician has got this as manifesto.

Second problem with the elections of the region is that people compete in the election just to enhance their businesses and personnel motives as we have seen this in past. People should not vote to such a person. Educated, dedicated, visionary, sincere, hard working and generational thinker should be given chance to serve.

These elections are in my view going to be difficult for PTI as they have already failed to deliver in KPK until now. PMLN gets high chances of winning the election but it will largely depend who they are going to select on their ticket. Last but not least, PPP has got some chances as they use their slogan of Roti, kapra aur makaan very well. Also they have seasoned politicians.

In conclusion, dominant strategy in every point will be required from the politicians since from distribution of ticket, developing party manifesto and election campaign.  I want to let people know that voting in election is basic right of citizens and using this ammunition on right target is very necessary for change. Vote for the right person and expect change from him. Vote for the health and education of your children not for personnel reasons. If one strikes well today, will be better for the brighter future of generations to come.