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18 February 2020

DC Ghizar in Action: Visited different regions and overviewed different projects

Ghizar: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ghizar, Rai Manzoor Hussain visited different regions in Ghizar and also overviewed different projects and problems in Gahkuch, the head-quarter of the district.

In Yasin, he visited Nazbar, Morka and Hundur, overviewed different projects and advised the concerned authority to speed up the pace of work coupled with quality work for an immediate result. He met with the people in the region and took notice of different issues being faced by them.

On his way back, he visited Sumal, an adjoining village of Gupis but falls under the constituency of Yasin. Rai Manzoor Hussain met with the concerned authority working on the suspension bridge in Sumal and urged them to present quality work.


In Gahkuch, he made impromptu visits to different government offices and expressed displeasure over the attendance of staff at the offices and warned them not to do that again.

He also advised the concerned authority on education to run a survey on school enrollment. He asked them to make sure that within two months no child in the region be left out of school.


This very action of the deputy commissioner Ghizar was commended and appreciated by the people and hoped that he would also take action of similar issues, ahead.

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