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25 February 2020

Youth Wing of BNF (Hamid Group), abdicates Party affiliation

Youth Wing of BNF (Hamid Group), abdicates Party affiliation

Lahore — Central  and Zonal officials of  Lahore based student wing of Balawaristan National Front (BNF) has annouced to abdicate party membership. Engineer Tehseen Ali— an official of party’s central executive council— in a press release maintained that the party leadership entertains role and power at the cost of sufferings to people at the gross root level. They claimed that BNSO and its parent organization have more of a limelight hunger than a sincere will to serve the nation.

“We have a distinct honour to be part of this organization for 5 years. We have a sincere will to work for our nation which certainly is deprived and disenfranchised. But we announce our collective resignation for reasons that we believe do not serve the best interest of our people.  We [Hassan Hasnain, acting General Secretary BNSO, Dr Aziz Qurban, ex member Central Executive Council BNSO and our workers in Lahore] herewith announce our resignation”.  The press released said.

When we probed to know about any specific reason for leaving the BNF Hamid Group, Tehseen said.

“You must understand the fact that BNF Hamid Group has five to six leaders in the whole Gilgit-Baltistan region. We want them to work on the ground which is Gilgit-Baltistan and they don’t seem to be comfortable with that. All they want is: a protest of their choice, their own photogenic programs, bulk of social media chit-chats and typical Pakistani media statements. It is a treadmill, not a revolution” Tehseen Ali said.

When asked what recent developments urged you and your colleagues to abdicate the party affiliation, Tehseen Ali told that they were considering it for a long time, but the decision came after a thorough review and consultation by our colleagues at BNSO Lahore. 

However, another BNSO Lahore member said that the decision of leaving BNSO was due to Abdul Hamid’s statement about Nawaz Khan Naji, published in media, in which he supported PPP’s thugs in GBLA who recently attempted to harass and bully Naji in the assembly. Hamid also smeared his fellow nationalist claiming that he transferred millions of rupees to him. 

Dr. Aziz Quraban, an ex member Central Executive Council BNSO, in his facebook conversation said that his team attempted to change the system from within but without any success. He however, did not disown the ideology of nationalism and recognized the fact that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are a deprived nation.

Sources of Hamid Group claimed that the disintegration of party youth is at the push of ISI agents. BNF Hamid Group is led by Abdul Hamid Khan who is currently lives in Europe and advocates a separate state, comprising regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, Shinaki Kohistan and Chitral Areas.

Dardistan Times Report
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Tehseen Ali © Lahore, Pakistan