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25 February 2020

World Water Day 2012 Celebration in Gahkuch Ghizer

World Water Day 2012 Celebration in Gahkuch Ghizer

Gahkuch— The Gilgit-Baltistan has been bestowed with spectacularfresh water resources and the region is home to a variety of ecosystems including wetlands, glaciers, pastures, streams and rivers, which not only play a key role in sustaining life but also make the area a centre of attraction for people from around the world. But the important fragile water resources (wetlands) of the regions are grudually degrading due to a  number reasons — lack of awareness and illiteracy being on the top.

As the theme for world water day, 2012 campaign is “Water and Food Security”, WWF-Pakistan under its Saving Wetlands Sky High Program and Pakistan Wetlands Program-Northern Alpine Wetlands Complex organized a quiz competition in Gahkuch to commemorate the World Water Day.  The purpose of the program was to raise awareness about the importance of care for Water Resources

Students from Seven different Schools— two students from each school — were selected to participate in the competition.  The competition was designed for students of class 6th-8th and knowledge about Water, Wetlands and Forest Resources of Gilgit-Baltistan was focused.  

The quiz competition started at 10:00 AM with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Ms.Samiya, Naat-e-Maqbool by Shahzia and welcome song by Urmal and her companions. Mr.Naseer Ahmad, coordinator for SWSH Programme, welcomed the participants and briefed WWF-P intervention in Gilgit-Baltistan and gave an orientation to the day celebration.

Hands-outs with questions and answers were distributed among the students prior to the event for preparation.  During the competition students demonstrated that they want to have knowledge about the ecosystem and, each looked eager to win the knowledge competition. By the end of the tough competition an independent Penal of Judges decided on the winning awards.  

The Central Asia Institute Immit got 1st position (Group 1), FG girls high school Gahkuch (Group 2) and FG boys middle school Imit (Group 3) were declared 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Winners and participants of the quiz completion were given trophies, badges and certificates of appreciation.  Literature containing information about Wetlands was given away among teachers, community reps, scorekeepers, timekeepers and judges of the quiz competition.

Mr Qamar Shezad. Deputy Commissioner Ghizer was the chief guest on the occasion.  In his brief speech, he emphasized on sustainable conservation and management of the fragile water resources in order to meet the need of present generation without compromising the need for the comming generation. He also inaugurated a plantation campaign at Gahkuch Marsh land which was organized by WWF-P.

The event ended at 4:30 PM with special thanks to the participants, organizers and school authorities for their contribution and support to make the quiz competition a successful event. More than 150 people participated the competition.

S.Tajdar Hussain has contributed to this story from Gahkuch, Ghizar
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Tajdar Hussain © 2012