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28 February 2020

Three Injured in a Hand grenade attack in Gilgit

Map of Punyal Road,Gilgit

Gilgit— In a fresh terror episode in Gilgit, three persons were injured by a hand grenade attack. The assailants pelted a hand grenade out of a vehicle into a grocery shop near Punyal Road.

Ibrahim, a sales person of the grocery shop injured while two passersby— Shabbir Hussain and Hasnain Malik, residents of Gilgit also got injured by the explosion. They were rushed to nearby hospital and their condition is reported ‘out of danger’.

The hand-grenade explosion partially damaged nearby cars and properties. The onlookers on the spot helped the local police identify the vehicle’s number that was chased and nabbed at Airport road. The driver of NCP GLT 1505, Mr. Abdul Wahid of Chilas reportedly tipped off the other two abettors whom he had dropped off at Jamal Hotel. Police arrested Zahid and Mir Hayat of Chilas from Jamal Hotel, in connection with the latest wicked incident.

As always the local people came out to protest and condemn the terrorist mindset that has strangulated peace in Gilgit city. Government is also being criticized for not being able to provide security to the citizens. However, the timely arrest of the culprits in Punyal Road hand-grenade incident is hailed by public.  (Dardistan Times)