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28 February 2020

'Terrorist moved from Karachi to Gilgit' Rehman Malik

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that Taliban are moving to Gilgit Baltistan from karachi.Talking to media he said target killing was an ttempt to create discord among the people."Enemies wnat to destabilise the country but government will not allow them to achieve their nefarious goals"he added.

Rehman Malik said like the other parts of the country strict action would be taken against terrorist in Gilgit Baltistan and all resources would be utilized to root out taliban from the region.
He urged the people and ulemas to come forward and join hands with government in fight against terrorism and extemeism.

"There are reports that terrorists are planning to carry out big attacks in Karachi,Quetta and KPK however all security agencies have been put on high alert"interior minister disclosed.

Asim Iqbal has contributed to this story from Gilgit Baltistan