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18 February 2020

People of Nagar did not want to kill; they just released them. but…

People of Nagar did not want to kill; they just released them. but…

When 35 people went missing amid riots and protests in Hunza-Nagar, it was immediately feared that they were abducted. People of Gilgit-Baltistan, however, were certain that the abductees were safe in the hands of the people of Nagar. Today, they were handed over to government officials and will arrive Gilgit as reported. It is certainly appreciable and is a testimony by the people of Nagar for an abiding peace.

The hostages were living under a great care and no harm was done. "We had no fear and disconfort whatsoever, we were rather living like at our own home", one of the hostages said.

Government officials already have started dancing on the news calling it a ‘Successful Negotiation with Abductees’. But the people of Gilgit-Baltistan maintain that real success for the government would be to be answerable and heal all the cascading brutalities carried out in the region.

It has been observed that the government here has learnt a cunning skill of hitching and tricking one major incident with another. A common man in Gilgit-Baltistan seems to be swimming mid-ocean of problems with a yet to be thought destiny. The government officials and politicians are hell bent on counting their pseudo successes.   

If you wind the clock back, human beings here have been killed, died and flooded only to provide topic for kitchen-gossip in the political corridors. Attabad Lake disaster, opening fire on protesters in Hunza, killings in Kohistan, target killing in Gilgit, genocide in Chilas, Bhasha Dam, protests of wheat-subsidy, protests against load-shedding, mining license to Mohsin Industries, protest against taxation, everything has been ducked.

It is time to sit and define a direction for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan by the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and chart out a plan to act on. We can no more be victimized by the events and let the politicians and government leap around the corpses of our brothers.

We need to enhance our memory— we forget yesterday’s events to gossip about those of today—, and question the government about the atrocities in bulk. We provide opportunity for Zardari’s Mehdi Shah to come around very quickly and fritter time away.

Remember, the people of Nagar released the hostages, for they evidently do not believe in killings, let’s not allow the government and politicians count it as their success. We need to Bundle up all what has happened thus far and construct a way forward. 

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