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18 February 2020

Only Prime Minister can put off GB taxation

Gilgit— GB Chief Minister’s claim that he had managed to defer the controversial income tax imposition seems to be not true. Sources in GB council revealed that it is only the Prime Minister of Pakistan who, as Chairman GB council, can defer such an important decision. A source in GB council said Thursday that Minister Manzoor Ahmad neither could impose tax nor can postpone the decision. “They might however mislead public and folks who have reservations on the tax issue,’’ the source added, requesting anonymity.

Syed Mehdi Shah had issued a statement Monday claiming that the tax imposition was deferred on his request during a high level meeting at Islamabad.

The conflicting statements about the tax imposition in the region have double minded folks who have severe reservations on the imposition of tax and want to express their resentment. Sources also told Dardistan Times that the decision of imposing tax on the people of Gilgit Baltistan was the decision of the Center. But the PPP government in Gilgit Baltistan have, reportedly requested the Federal government not to implement the decision,— at least during the PPP government— fearing a threat to their vote bank in the region.

PPP workers have also asked, if it could not be stopped, to defer the decision so that the GB Assembly could show a so-called consensus in order to veil their powerlessness.  

Our correspondent from Gilgit Baltistan
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Automatic DT website screenshot.

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