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18 February 2020

Lowari Top Closed for Traffic, the tunnel will remain open for 2 hours daily

CHITRAL:  The only land route connecting Chitral to other parts of the country, Lawari top has been closed for all types of vehicular traffic due to the heavy and continuous snowfall. As a result Chitral is now cut off from other parts of the country. An 8.5 kilometres long tunnel has been completed two years ago and it also, inexplicably closed.

 Under the pressure of demands from the public the Chitral National Highway has decided to open the tunnel for vehicular traffic only for two hours midday between 12:00 and 2:00pm

 Residents of Chitral have appealed to the ministry of communication and NHA to let the tunnel opened for the whole day so that the traffic goes through smoothly. There is no work, whatsoever, is under process in the tunnel, yet hundreds of people are stranded in the area due to an unreasonable snarl-up.