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18 February 2020

Graduates rise for corruption-free, transparent Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit, June 11: Gilgit-Baltistan Graduates Association (GBGA) facilitated an awareness seminar on “ Causes and Effects of Unemployment and Illegal Recruitment in Giligit-Baltistan” at a local  hotel in Gilgit City. A large number of graduates along with political parties, civil society members and bureaucrats attended and addressed the seminar.

The speakers expressed their concerns about government’s ability to create equal employment opportunities in the region. They were highly critical of corruption, nepotism and lack of transparency in recruitment and people development— both in public and private sector. The rejection of merit, they said, has put talent into frustration and the young graduates of the region tend to locate alternate niches in the society that poorly correlate with modern knowledge-based societies.

The speakers criticized the trend of corruption, used as a stepping-stone towards earning the bread. Corruption, nepotism and bribery are on the rise in Gilgit-Baltistan and many speakers claimed that private institutions and government agencies have spawned a culture where recruitment is made based on personal acquaintances, sectarian lines, bribery and other illegitimate practices. Credentials are rarely taken into consideration whent it comes to hiring or promoting someone.  

The seminar was addressed by a number of local leaders including GB law minister Wazir Shakeel, the nationalist leader Nawaz Khan Naji, Ahsan Ali Advocate, President GB Bar Association, Captain Shafi of PML (N), Safdar Ali of BNF (H), Karim Khan of APML, Dr. Fouzia Wali Khan, Muhammad Amen Beg (Acting GM) of AKRSP, Irar Ud Din (HRCP), Imtiaz Ali Taj (Gilgit Union of Journalists), Shahid Ali president GB Graduate Association, Wajahat Ali of GS Peoples Graduate Forum, Shakil Ahmad of Shina Language and Culture Promotion Society, Eman Shah (Resident Editor) of Daily Aosaf and others.

A team of Gilgit-Baltistan Graduates Association gave a detailed multimedia presentation on the status of unemployment in the region with shocking instances of discriminatory hiring practices.

The graduates on the spot seemed satisfied with their endeavours to raise voices for social justice and transparency across institutional spectrum.

Towards the end, a resolution was passed that demanded: immediate advertisement of cabinet approved vacancies, merit-based recruitment, rectification of illegally made recruitments, minimization of non-local quota, unemployment allowances, interest free loans for unemployed graduates, implementation on GB quota(nationally and overseas) etc.

The graduates reaffirmed their commitment to fight for a corruption free, transparent Gilgit-Baltistan

Noor Akber has contributed to this story from Gilgit City, Pakistan