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18 February 2020

Man under rehab in Chitral found dead with his Psychotherapist

Chitral-- Sardar Ayub, under rehab due to anxiety, was found dead with his therapist Farhana Mehmood at Aga Khan Health Services, Chitral. Sardar Ayub was a medical student who dropped out of school due to financial constraints. He then suffered from anxiety and Farhana Mehmood at AKHS, according to Chitral Police officials, was his psychological therapist through the rehabilitation.

On Monday morning the man enter into the facility and headed into Farhana’s office. Minutes later both were shot dead. People talking to this scribe ascertained that Ayub when entered the facility was perhaps armed. Apparently he first killed his therapist and then himself. But the matter is still under investigation and factually it is yet to be sorted out.

Chitral Police lodged FIR under section 302 of Pakistan’s Penal Code and started further investigation. The dead bodies were transported to District Headquarter Hospital, Chitral where autopsy is due.

Farhana Mahmood was niece of Saeed Ahmad former MPA and president of Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz. Her uncle, Ahmad Esa is a former public prosecutor.

It is worth to note that this is the second incident at this health center that involved loss of human lives. A few years back some extremists put fire on vehicles of AKHS and killed two persons working as security guards.  

Gull Hamad Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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