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28 February 2020

Grand Search Operation in Diamir

Diamer, Chilas-- More than 1000 policemen and military soldiers have virtually sealed the Diamer district of Gilgit Baltistan for what is claimed to be the grand search operation in the region. The purpose of the operation is to apprehend the outlaws who ambushed and killed 3 military and police officers in Chilas. Members of the elite force, police, FC and Gilgit Scouts are undertaking the operation with a commitment to apprehend the miscreants.  Security has been beefed up in sensitive areas and on-duty security contingent has been augmented.

According to the law enforcement agencies the operation will continue until the perpetrators are brought to justice. 

There is an established persuasion that the district of Diamer has already been a launching pad for terrorists activities and people's hope has lost in the ever soaring predicament. 

"Terrorists have established their networks in Diamer. That is what the frequently orchestrated attacks explain." said  Pir Kara Ali Shah.

The latest heinous terrorist attack has been condemned by people from all walks of life. Expectations are high this time around that the so called grand operation will conclude with satisfactory results .

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